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Why Starkman?

Why Starkman? It's really quite simple...service. That's the Starkman difference.



Starkman's unique ability to provide efficient and high-quality service and a full line of value-added products has proven to be the formula for success. 


Starkman Distributors is a partner in the success of your business. We take pride in this approach. Our personal attention to service and customer satisfaction enables us to service a wide range of customers from a small corner shop to a large casino resort. Our professional sales staff consists of experienced professionals with a keen understanding of your needs. `


Starkman’s customized service enables us to be the preferred wholesale distributor of the Atlantic City casinos. Since the beginning of casino gambling in Atlantic City in 1978, Starkman has been perfectly positioned to service the unique needs of the casino industry. Daily service to all of the casino properties, including inventory management and ordering are just a few of the reasons Starkman stands apart from the rest.

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